We can help you gain more choice and control over the care you or your loved one receives by working with several Community Mental Health Agencies throughout Michigan.

With self-determined services, you select, train and manage your employee’s daily work schedule, and approve their timesheets.

As your Fiscal Intermediary, Consumer Direct Care Network Michigan will establish you as an employer, process your employee’s paperwork and payroll, and will withhold and file all employee and employer taxes. This allows you the most choice, flexibility, control and independence.

We provide the right tools so you can succeed in managing your supports and achieving your goals. On an ongoing basis, Consumer Direct Care Network will assist with tasks such as:

  • Facilitating employee background checks
  • Record retention for your employee(s)
  • Processing timesheets and issuing pay checks
  • Withholding and filing employer- and employee-related payroll taxes
  • Ensuring workers’ compensation and unemployment coverage
  • Compliance with federal and state rules and regulations
  • Providing spending summaries (Online access available)

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